What is a Mujician?

[myo͞oˈjiSHən] - One who discovers the creator, performer and doer within....

Mujicians follow their dreams and take chances; ignoring fear and going all out. By discovering what ignites that passionate spark, Mujicians can achieve anything. No matter who they are or where they came from, Mujicians inspire.
Anyone can be a Mujician, you just have to Discover Yours.

Our Story

This one time at band camp…

It all started when John and Vicki met at band camp in the fall of 2005. John was wowing different groups of the new members with his magical talents, quickly earning him the nickname, Magic John. Over the course of their four years as members of the Spirit of Troy (the University of Southern California Trojan Marching Band) John and Vicki became good friends but it was not until 2011 when their mutual passions for great beer and travel came together and a new chapter had begun.

Discovering Beer, the first “Beercation” and a Mr. Beer Kit

On a weekend skydiving adventure in San Diego, John and Vicki stopped at Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens and that visit changed the course of their friendship. Scoring seats at the bar (a typical location for these two) and chatting with the bartender and bar back resulted in a number of sample beer tastings  including John’s favorite of the day: Stone Cali-Belgique and Vicki’s:Saison Dupont, the standard of a new style she had not heard of before called saison. It was these magical beers that inspired the planning of their first official “beercation” a few short months later. John and Vicki visited Beervana, also known as Portland, OR for President’s Day Weekend 2012. In four days, they visited 18 breweries in 3 cities and 2 states and tried 186 different beers. Speaking with the owners and bartenders at every spot, it became clear that John and Vicki wanted to be a part of this amazing beer community as more than just fans; they wanted to open up their own brewery and tell their unique story. But how were they going to do that? Neither of them had ever brewed beer before, but Vicki did have a Mr. Beer Kit from her sister collecting dust in storage. It was as good a place as any to start. Typical of most first homebrewed batches, the beer was meh, but a spark had been ignited. John quickly invested in all the homebrew equipment he could and began brewing on a regular basis. Vicki, meanwhile, moved to San Francisco where she began discovering all the great beer bars and beer culture the Bay Area had to offer. Both John and Vicki soon realized that no one else was into beer in quite the same way they were so more serious talks about how and where to start their brewery commenced.

A Mujician is born

Seeking an encompassing term for their common interests and passions to name the brewery, John and Vickistarted scouring the internet for words and ideas that truly spoke to them. There were many long phone conversations and frequent road trips back to LA for brewing and of course, drinking, beer and nothing was standing out. Identifying the problem that there was not something already in existence that would work, so the two decided to create their own and ‘Mujicians’ was born. A somewhat obvious combination of the words musician and magician, Mujicians was the first term to truly speak to the pair. As a new word, it could be anything to anybody and that was the winning formula and giving everyone the opportunity to discover their own inner Mujicianbecame the logical mission of the company. Not only did it speak to the musicians/magicians and performers in John and Vicki, but it was a new way to speak to the entrepreneurial spirit bursting to come out of them both. Plus, they were able to secure the trademark, so it was a no brainer.

Collaborating with Dirty Water

A friend and colleague of Vicki’s introduced her to restauranteur and beer connoisseur, Kristian Cosentino in May 2014. Kristian was opening up the hottest new restaurant inside the Twitter building with only the finest food, wines, spirits and beers, and even a 7 barrel brewhouse onsite. It was during an outing to SanteAdarius Rustic Ales in Santa Cruz where John, Vicki and Kristian forged a new friendship geeking out over the amazing saisons and sours. Kristian loved the Mujicians story and asked John and Vicki to be a part of the Dirty Water family. Needing no time to consider the question, John and Vicki immediately said yes and Mujicians Brewing Company had found a home in San Francisco.


There are so many delicious styles of beers around the world and even more to be discovered. Our goal is to make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to try as many flavorful and balanced beers as possible. With that in mind we are creating lower alcohol content beers that still pack a punch in flavor while highlighting the impact that yeast has in everything we do. We feel that Saisons, Witbiers, Hefeweizens, and all sorts of Belgian & German inspired beers are under represented in today's beer renaissance and want to bring those styles back to the forefront.

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We are located inside of Dirty Water Restaurant & Bar.

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